Backstory: The Newsletter

Newsletters invite us to break through the fog to focus on the issues of the day that really matter. That is why we introduced Backstory by Xische.

By Danish Farhan, May 29, 2019


We spend so much time on our phones and computers these days it can feel like the constant stream of information blends into one endless feed. But newsletters as a medium have a way of piercing the fog of our digitally-infused lives. Newsletters, when done right, cut through the noise and grab our full attention. That is something we place great value on.

As we prepare to send out our tenth issue, Backstory has already transformed significantly. There are more photos. The stories we choose to highlight are closer to our editorial conversations. Not only do we cast a spotlight on our published work but we bring the reader into our editorial thought process. What are the issues facing the intersection of technology and governance? How can the Middle East and specifically Dubai leverage its position and influence to facilitate solutions to the challenges we all face?

The pace of innovation is fast. Stories that nudge us to take a step back and considers topics deeply is vital. We are excited to open a new space for this growth. We take the responsibility of your time seriously and with a great sense of honour. As always, your feedback and ideas are paramount. Please reach out to us at with your perspective. Until then, enjoy exploring the Backstory.


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