State of Play An interactive visual platform that presents data to analyze future impact as UAE approaches its silver jubilee year in 2021. We currently publish the Compass 50: UAE at Fifty in this format.



State of Play: Smart Cities

(AVAILABLE) Smart Cities will soon be worth $1.2 trillion. This report investigates the origins of smart cities, examines current global models, and predicts the shifts and leaders emerging in the fourth industrial revolution.

Compass 50: UAE at Fifty

(PRE-ORDER) The UAE is paving a bold future with razor focus on execution. This report examines how the the nation's multitude of strategies, agendas and plans connect with each other, and create unprecedented impact as the UAE approaches its silver jubilee.

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100 Seconds: Dubai meets AI

(PRE-ORDER) Dubai recently announced a new roadmap to a bold target of artificial intelligence adoption. This infographic summarizes challenges and opportunities for cities as Dubai leads a new era of living, working and governing amidst AI. 


State of Play: Cities as Stories

(PRE-ORDER) The soft power of cultures is most visible when humanized as stories. Whether Shanghai, Silicon Valley or Dubai, this report explores the link between city branding, storytelling and the growth of their global economic and sociopolitical clout.

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State of Play: Space Culture

(PRE-ORDER) In 2020, 5 countries will launch active missions to Mars and the Moon. The UAE will become the youngest nation to enter the new space race. This report examines the projected impact on culture and national identity when space goes mainstream.